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Ishoop  is a professional manufacturer of security and protection electronics ,especially the development of Body Worn Police Cameras.     


      We would provide  video cameras, body cameras,police cameras£¬dock stations throughout the world  with many competitive advantages.With outstanding sales,growing R&D and experienced worker teams IShoop also do well to satisfy customer's potential needs like ODM/OEM service.Nobody offers a better body camera warranty. 
     Constantly busy developing police and military cameras for law enforcement , the security,protection and fire service.   We make communities safer with innovative public safety technologies that protect life and truth. 

    With our flexible product range and short leading times,we can rapidly respond to varying customer demands of Police body cameras.Ishoop's innovative team is quickly developing a new standard in the field of Police Camerafield,and will bring new ideas and vitality to this industry.


Police body 4G camera SOP-07(4G) is our another new product, which support live video stream through wifi or 3G/4G;