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  • Brand:   ishoopcam
  • Model:   SOP-18
Product description

Product introduction

SOP-18 is a 4G intelligent law enforcement recorder developed by Ishoop. SOP-18 has the characteristics of full Netcom such as 4G / Wifi / AP private network. It is equipped with iVS-100 visual integrated management platform and can realize remote live broadcast and cluster pair Speaking, real-time positioning, wireless image transmission  and other functions.
SOP-18 uses Android operating system, high-performance 8-core processor, equipped with 3.1-inch touch screen, a total of three cameras on the front and back, dual video buttons on the front and side of the fuselage, with the advantages of smooth operation, safety and stability, fast operation.

Functional advantages

1.  Android system: 8-core MTK high-speed processor, Android8.1 intelligent operating system;

2.  Touch screen: equipped with 3.1-inch narrow border IPS HD multi-point capacitive touch screen;

3.  Custom lens: 3 cameras in total, front and back, HD non-destructive shooting at any angle;

4.  Infrared night vision: the light sensor automatically switches the infrared mode, and the contour is clear within 15 meters;

5.  Full Netcom: 4G signal, Wifi signal, AP private network, etc .;

6.  Gravity sensing: After the law enforcement instrument is hit or hit the ground, it can trigger the acceleration sensor to start automatic recording;

7.  Satellite positioning: Built-in GPS / BeiDou / GLONASS, real-time positioning can be viewed after the platform is equipped, and it has functions such as electronic fences and track query;

8.  Software platform: equipped with iVS-100 visual intelligent management platform, and can achieve more functions through 4G platform:

9.  Live video: The system background can directly access the real-time picture of the law enforcement instrument, which is conducive to the command center to grasp the dynamics ahead;

10. File wireless upload: data can be uploaded to the server remotely via network signals;

11. Cluster intercom: Establish single-person / group voice intercom, real-time transmission, and strengthen command scheduling;

12. Phone APP direct connection: Connect to law enforcement instrument through smart terminals such as mobile phones and tablets;

13. Face recognition / license plate recognition;

14. Management functions: attendance management, system log, big data analysis, equipment management, user management, remote upgrade, etc .;

15. System compatibility: Web-side applications, PC-side applications, Android / iOS applications, etc .;

16. Battery: 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, single battery charging ≦ 2 hours, single battery can continuously shoot for 8 hours, turn on 4G video for more than 5 hours, keep power on within 3 minutes when changing the battery, ensure the integrity of the certification, and fly with full power Mode standby up to 1000 hours;

17. Dedicated base: equipped with a dedicated charging base, which can upload data while charging;

18. Protection: Two-color mold process, IP68 level, waterproof and dustproof, 30 times of any 6 sides drop within 2 meters without damage;

19. External devices: Support for more devices such as external cameras, intercom headset lines, and more.

Product parameters

Basic configuration

Main chip

MTK MT6762 8-core processor2.0GHZ

Operating system

Android 8.1 Intelligent operating system

Lens module

Front FF cameraOV4689                                           

FOV164 degree 

F/NO=2.5 Front cameraSony 13M

  Rear FF cameraGekewei 5M Horizontal 50 degrees


2+16GB Standard

Display / touch screen

3.1 inch IPS screen 480RGB*800Narrow border + ON CELL multi-touch screen


18*13mm 1.5W Waterproof speaker


Dual MicphoneWith active noise reduction

Auxiliary light source

4 infrared lights, 1 white light, 1 laser light

Light sensor

Standard configuration for controlling automatic on and off of infrared light

Motion sensor

Acceleration sensor (standard), gyroscope support (optional)

Storage card

Built-in TF card, up to 128GB


Support 802.11b/gprotocol2.4GHz+5GHz


Built-in Bluetooth 4.1, standard NFC, can read ID information


Built-in GLONASS/GPS Combined positioning+AGPSSupport BEIDOU/Galileo


MiniUSB3.5mm Standard headphone interface, can be connected to external camera, intercom headphone cable, etc.

Function parameter

Video resolution


Photo size


Infrared night vision

Infrared light can cover 70% of the effective area within a viewing angle of 3 meters, and the viewing distance is 15 meters

Video function

Support 10-second pre-recording, support video capture

Camera function

Support continuous shooting, automatic white balance, 4x digital zoom

Distortion correction

Horizontal and vertical correction, less than 10% distortion

Native playback

Support local playback, can adjust the progress bar to play through touch screen

Focus mark

Marks documents recorded by law enforcement equipment

Overlay information

Equipment serial number + police information, year, month, day, hour, minute, second, location information

Motion Detection

In the standby state, when an object enters the shooting range of the law enforcement recorder, the recording function is automatically turned on. When the object leaves the shooting range of the law enforcement recorder, the recording function is ended and the video file is saved

Face detection




Replaceable high-voltage battery3000mAh

Charging method

Adapter / PC-USB auxiliary charging / car USB with fast charging function,5V / 2A charging

Built-in battery

Built-in 75mAh small battery, 3 minutes of continuous power when replacing the battery

Shooting time

The default resolution of a single battery can be continuous shooting for more than 8 hours, when 4G is turned on, continuous shooting can be performed for more than 5 hours, the flight mode can stand by 1000H, and charging 2 hours

Energy saving mode

Automatically turn off the screen and enter power saving mode within 3 minutes

Structure appearance

Appearance craft

Two-color mold process, soft rubber keys, with limit button

Appearance specifications


Protection class

IP68Cumulative drop 30 times on any 6 sides within 2 meters without damage

working environment

Temperature-3055℃Relative humidity40%80%

Storage environment

Temperature-4060℃Relative humidity93%40℃