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  • Brand£º   ishoopcam
  • Model£º   HD-3G
Product description

Product Image

Product Specification:
Photosensitive device 1/2.5 inch CMOS image sensor
LCD display screen 2.0 inch TFT display screen
Focal length f=3.4mm
Light ring F/2.0
Lens wide angle 135 ¡ã
Focusing range 1 meter to infinity
Exposure mode Automatic
White balance Automatic
Video pattern 30~60fps/1920¡Á1080£¨30 fps£©£¬MOV format H.264
Data interface Mini USB interface USB2.0  HDMI interface
Infrared Strengthen the infrared and infrared filter, visual range 6-12meter
Assist talkback Can be connected with various types of Walkie talkie used as transmitter
GPS Built-in GPS, record the coordinate information and automatic time correction
Photograph 16 mil. pixel ¡¢JPEG format
Resolution ratio 1920¡Á1080/1280¡Á720/848¡Á480£¬photograph 4608¡Á3456
Stand-by time 7days
Operate time Built-in li-battery£¬can continue working above 10hours
Size 95¡Á60¡Á32 mm
Weight 150g

Camera photographed time synchronous display, equipment number display.

PC terminal management system

Product function £º

*1.Video function

Video resolution: 1920*1080, 1024*720, (30 /s frames (60 frames) 848*480 /s) three class quality adjustable, HD MOV format. The demand for different use.

*2.sound recording function

the high performance microphone loudspeaker, pickup wide range, clear and loud;

Separate audio acquisition function, can quickly record audio information;

*3.photographing function

The 16 Mil. pixel, the photo resolution is 4036*3456. The video can be captured; continuous, 

clear capture every moment. Automatic white balance adjustment and sensitivity, intelligent exposure;

*4.Synchronization of audio and video recording function During playback, synchronization of audio and video, no obvious lag or lead.

Out of step time less than 1s video and audio signal

*5.This machine browsing, retrieval and playback function
Equipped with a 2 inch high-definition color display, playback with time browsing, retrieval and playback locally stored video and audio, audio, photos and other information. Audio and video, audio, pictures with different icon
display, can be 2-16 times fast forward, backward playing video playback, may need to quickly find video fragment.

*6.The built-in GPS module
The built-in GPS module, can record the law enforcement officers shooting position, see walking routes, roads and other information. For future viewing accurate positioning, real and effective guarantee data.
*7.The built-in intercom function module
Can be connected to any specifications cluster or conventional interphone, provide pickup and speakers for Walkie talkie. The law enforcement instrument shutdown state can be carried out by the words, the transmitter.
*8.external 3G module to achieve real-time video function
Add one External 3G module, it can realize the real-time video recorder, Through the PC website IP set the recorder bind the Module ID, in the PC side through the video software to watch real time video (video stored in the recorder, can not be saved in the PC).
*9.external WIFI module to achieve real-time video function
In the office with WIFI signal area,add one external WIFI module,can be achieved real-time video viewing function, set the WIFI module, the module is connected to the computer through the USB line, the router allocates a IP number to the module and save it in the computer, and then take off the module, and then connect the module to the recorder, starting work, in the PC terminal through video software can watch real-time video.
*10.COMS wide angle zoom lens.
Built in 135 degree wide angle lens, equipped with infrared night vision, digital zoom; applicable to any scene, meet the demand of various law enforcement
*11.Video, audio, and photo automatic superposition ID number, date, time,latitude and longitude coordinates information.
*12.Operation tips and state prompt function
The machine on / off, start / stop video / audio, photo, operating with different voice prompts; screen display a battery, state of charge, memory chips, ID number, the GPS icon icon, mode, system time and memory margin and other information; recording video, boot, states have different sound indicator.
*13.Time correction function
This machine can¡¯t be changed the time, GPS function after open automatically accept the automatic synchronous satellite time satellite signal.
*14.Data integrity
Audio and video using H.264 video compress technology, automatic stacking watermark MOV HD format effective tamper proof, to ensure the integrity of the original data. This machine is equipped with the password management, effectively prevent illegal copy propagation. Machine abnormal state can be automatically restart, restart after the saved data will not be lost damage.
*15.The log function
Time of equipment on / off , time of video, time of Audio, time of Photography and other operations to accurately record, only through upper computer for viewing and removal.
*16.The system management software of the upper computer function Classification management and Authorization authentication
Set the basic parameters of the system time, password and classification management;
Upload, delete and query the record file of law enforcement recorder;
Can be classified according to the number of storage and retrieval of law enforcement officers, time recorder, information.
According to the law enforcement camera ID,police information,time to classify the storage and retrieval.
System management software with automatic data import function. When law enforcement recorder connected via a communication interface and authorization of PC, which can automatically video and audio information, audio information, photos and log data upload internal enforcement recorder.
*17.Night vision function
Equipped with infrared lamp infrared filter, opening night vision function, the effective shooting distance 6-12m.
*18.Battery charge function
System management software with automatic data import function. When law enforcement recorder connected via a communication interface and authorization of PC, which can automatically video and audio information, audio information, photos and log data upload internal enforcement recorder.
The built-in lithium polymer battery, 8 hours of continuous work. Alternating current charging, charging, vehicle mounted computer USB interface charge;
*19.Export mode
With PAL standard and HD HDMI output interface, can be directly connected to the television operation
*20.Fast boot video recording function
The law enforcement instrument can through the special button to complete a key to boot and video after wearing the amulet, shooting is completed through the button to save the shutdown, meet the requirements of law enforcement reflects the rapid

*21.Capture function
The law enforcement instrument in the video and playback process can be quickly capture
Special shoulder mounted 360 degree rotating ball type joint clamp, wear more firmly, machine can all directions adjustment shooting position
*23.vehicle function
Have a special car bracket can be directly connected to the machine, adsorbed on the window, ignition automatically boot, shutdown flameout save video.
*24.All-weather use
Suitable temperature of -40¡À2¡æ to 55¡À2¡æ.

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