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Multifuctional Alcohol Analyzer

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  • Brand:   ishoopcam
  • Model:   SOP-M1
Product description

Short Description:

It’s multifunctional device, alcohol tester, alarm light, electronic whistle, flash light. 

Product Image:

Product parameters



Test mode

Quick checking and automatic detection

Pumping type

continuous pumping at work, can be suspended at any time in the course of measurement as required.


0~400mg/100mL BAC


0.5mg/100mL BAC

Measuring unit

mg/L(BrAC); mg/mL(BAC) optional


1.29”OLED screen

Operation mode



Four keys: alarm light key, alcohol detection key, lighting key, whistle key, four keys function independently

Test accuracy

standard gas concentration 50mg/100mL BAC

Ablowing distance less than 5cm±5.0mg/100mL

Bblowing distance 5~10cm±6.0mg/100mL

Cblowing distance 10cm±10.0mg/100mL

Test time

1~15s changeable

Test condition

Operational testing range 0~50 degree

Operational humidity20~98%

Atmospheric pressure600~1400hPa


4.35V/3000mAh, can support 500 times continual testing.


280g (with battery)

Battery consumption

Alcohol testing<50mAbatonflashlight on <60mA


16mm fuel cell sensor


highlight white light

Command pole

Red and blue light constant brightness, stroboscopic, interactive flash function can be switched arbitrarily


(L)330mm * ø45mm

Power saving

The instrument will shut down automatically for 5 minutes under the condition of alcohol test, but the flashlight and baton mode will not shut down automatically.

Use Instructions:

Before use, please check whether the battery is installed. Rotate the battery cover clockwise, install the battery according to the positive and negative poles, and tighten it in the opposite direction.


1. Prevent the machine from falling from a high place or being shocked violently;

2. The product shall not be stored or used in an environment containing corrosive gases such as chlorine.

3. This product must use 4.35V/3000mAh 18650 lithium batteries distributed by our factory, and the batteries can not be placed in high temperature environment.

4. When charging, please use the power adapter distributed by our factory. If charging with the power adapter which is not follow the standard of our factory, it may damage the instrument.