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  • Brand£º   ishoopcam
  • Model£º   SOP-A4
Product description



SOP-A4 is a widely used one-stop solution docking station to manage multiple police cameras

It's an all-around terminal combined CPU, hard disk, and touch screen, management software is also pre-install for using directly.

This docking station can automatically purges general unprotected data from its storage at specified retention time periods.


Bullet Points of SOP-A4 Docking Station


Visual Download Status

Docking Station displays data download status, number of files downloaded, and estimated download time from 

each connected body worn camera.

Camera Data Purge

Docking Station automatically purges all recorded data from connected BWC after all data has been downloaded

from the device.

Resume Download

If download from BWC to docking station is interrupted, the docking station will resume download from where it

last left off when the camera is reconnected.


The system is using Browser/Server architecture to meet unique agencies' needs. All downloaded data is accessed 

from docking station or a local area network PC by Web Browser

Users & Groups

Each user is assigned custom permissions to access, view, download, reports, and delete uploaded data.

Case Information

Authorized personnel may add important case details, attach additional documents and other files pertaining to 

the case with recorded data.

▶Custom Incident Categories

Custom Incident Categories are added to the system to meet agencies' unique laws and policies.

Video Tagging

Downloaded data can be tagged.

Locked Data

Downloaded sensitive data may be locked to keep unauthorized users' from access, data owner is also included.

Protected Data

Important data may be protected from automatic or manual deletion.

Advanced Search

Easily locate desired recorded data using a single or multitude search parameters. 

Statistical Reports

Authorized users may retrieve statistical incident data report for specified date range.

▶Complete Audit Trail

Track each action performed by officers and users either at docking station or through Web Portal.

Data Backup

Downloaded data may be backed up to specified file servers via network (NAS). Admin may create custom policies 

for the system to only backup important data to NAS or most storage servers.


Docking Station automatically purges general unprotected data from its storage at specified retention time periods.

Real-Time System Monitoring

Docking Station¡¯s status information including internal storage status, disk status, online status, and data health is

monitored in real-time.

Time Synchronization

Docking Station automatically updates Body Worn Camera¡¯s time when devices is connected.

Scale able Local Storage

Easily manage and store data locally & eliminate monthly storage fees. System's storage may be expanded internally and externally.



 8 ports Docking Station with Independent System



Black, portable, with anti-static surface. Integrated independent-use design;

Network Cable

2 meters



Power Cable

Industrial power, Rated output 85W

Number of connections

8pcs body camera simultaneous connection ( Support managing more than 20pcs body cameras in batches.)

Working environment

-20¡æ -  +80¡æ


Body camera charging base

Storage humidity

10% - 90%


10 ports industrial HUB, Independent identification, independent power supply (1.2A each).

Power cable

Options: CN, EU, UK, UL


7 inch LCD, 1024x600 resolution

Network interface

RJ45 standard input

Screen type

7 inch capacitive screen

Power supply mode

Automatic bivolt 110-220V AC

Main board

Industial computer mainboard J1900

Acquisition system

Meet the Ministry of Public Security 2015 standard acquisition system installation CD


1.99 GHz

Platform system

WIN7 64 bit system/win.10


4G DDR3   64G solid-state disc


220V 10A fuse

Hard disk

Removable hard disk box with lock,  Standard 2T


Automatic charging function


Application software

Electronic evidence management system

System operation log

System will generate a log for all operations.

Software encryption

Soft Dog

Data tagging

Important data can be annotated for easy query.

Time correction

Automatic time correction

Data locking

Important data can be locked to avoid accidental deletion.

Systematic framework

B/S or C/S framework

Positions corresponding

The body camera positions on docking station are exactly corresponding with the software interfaces.

Automatic index uploading

Automatic upload the generated index file to server database.

Input operation

Touch virtual keyboard,and also has interface to connect with a physical keyboard.

Automatic data clearing

Automatic clear the camera's memory after data were updated.

Storage space

Intelligent disk search function (System will automatically find storage space, except disk C and D).

Super-big file uploading

The system supports to transfer, download and play large file which over 2G.

Processing of Insufficient storage

When the data is full in current memory disk, it will automatic enter into another one.


Automatically read the time, date, device ID, police ID, remaining memory and remaining battery capacity information in the body camera.

Storage space display

The remaining space of the docking station can be viewed in real time on the online management status bar.

Department management

Administrator has the authority to add, modify and delete the department information, but ordinary users have no.

File safety

Only administrator with right password has the authority to delete file, others have no permission.

Police management

Administrator has the authority to add, modify and delete the police information, but ordinary users have no.

Data export

Only administrator with right password has the authority to export the data in management device, others have no permission.

Device management

Administrator has the authority to add, modify and delete the device information, but ordinary users have no.

Breakpoint resume

Has breakpoint resume upload function to prevent data loss