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Smart helmet Camera

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  • Brand£º   ishoopcam
  • Model£º   SOP_H1
Product description

Product Image:


Product Description:

D8 smart helmet adopts industrial grade chip and Android system, which integrates high-definition video, audio, 4G/WIFI wireless, GPS, storage, alarm, Bluetooth and other modules, and can be customized according to different industries and different requirements.Can be widely used in security, fire department, power sector, coal mining industry, chemical industry, customs department, transportation department, financial industry, logistics industry, municipal department, oil field industry, mining industry, emergency command and other departments.

Product characteristics:

1. With MTK main control chip, the recording effect is more outstanding and the product runs stably;            

2. Adopt the split design and IP66 protection level, which can effectively prevent rain and meet the needs of helmet wearing mode of various industries;            

3. Full Hd 1080p camera, H.264 encoding;            

4. Support capture function, 16 million pixels, JPEG format;            

5. Two industrial grade lights are built in, which support the switching mode function between high beam lighting mode and low beam working mode;            

6. It supports 4G (all network communication) or WiFi wireless image transmission function, and can be monitored centrally by the platform;            

7. Support AP hotspot, which can be directly connected through mobile app and configure the functional parameters of the device;            

8. One key switch function, which can switch AP / WiFi / 4G working mode;            

9. Built in GPS positioning module to support platform positioning and track playback;            

10. Support single call, group call, group call and other public network intercom modes between equipment and platform;           

11. SOS emergency alarm function, push the alarm information function of the first site to the platform;            

12. Large aperture wide angle lens and fish eye correction can correct the optical image deformation caused by large angle lens;            

13. Replaceable large capacity lithium battery box design, the battery can support continuous recording for 8 hours;

Quick Details:

Lighting solutions service: head light
Luminous Efficacy(lm/w): 650
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ishoopcam
Model Number: SOP_H1
Usage: Emergency
Power Source: lithium battery
Lighting Period (h): 8
Battery Type: lithium battery
IP Rating: IP66
Color: Black
Warranty(Year): 1-year
Light Source: LED
Video compression standard: H.264
Audio compression standard: G711 
Log function: Support
network: 4G LTE, 3G/WCDMA,WiFi 2.4G, BT 4 
Function: Mining, tunneling, fire engineering