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Multifuctional Baton Infrared Thermometer

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  • Brand:   ishoopcam
  • Model:   SOP-M2
Product description

Product Description:

DSN-009 multi-functional command rod type infrared thermometer, with the features of contact free, rapid measurement, temperature value screen display, high temperature alarm and other functions, can fully meet the temperature detection of personnel in and out of hospitals, communities, schools and other units, and also meet the traffic police, customs and other law enforcement units, in highway, railway, aviation and other transport hubs and border inspection ports, to carry out large-scale floating population Safe, fast and accurate measurement.

DSN-009 also has a variety of auxiliary functions, such as traffic command, lighting, sound and light alarm, LCD display, emergency window breaker, strong magnetic chuck, buzzer, etc.

Product Image:

Product parameters:



Measurement mode

Infrared measurement, no contact

Measuring range

0 ~ 99 , error ± 0.2

Units of measurement

Display method

1.3 inch LCD color display

Operation form

Menu style


Four keys: indicator key, temperature measurement key, lighting key, whistle key, four keys have independent functions

Measure time

1~15seconds adjustable

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature range: - 20 ~ 45

Environment humidity20~98%

Atmospheric pressure600~1400hPa


18650 lithium battery4.35V/3000mAh


280g Including battery

Power consumption

<50mA when measuring; <60mA when baton and flashlight are all on

Flashlight function

Highlight white light

Baton function

Red and blue light is always on, strobe, interactive flash function can be arbitrarily switched, or monochrome light


Length * Diameter:330mm * ø45mm

Power saving mode

The instrument automatically shuts down in 5 minutes under temperature measurement mode, and the flashlight and baton modes do not automatically shut down.

Functional advantage:

1.Infrared temperature measurement:contact free, infrared frontal temperature measurement, clean and sanitary, suitable for large-scale detection;
2.Fast test:complete the test in one second, avoid queuing, and avoid congestion during the peak period of personnel access;
3.Remote measurement:it can be measured 5-10cm away from the target to reduce the risk of touch and avoid pollution transmission;
4.High sensitivity:outdoor use is not affected by temperature, sunshine, wind and other factors, and outdoor zero environment is available in winter;
5.Precise measurement:imported semiconductor sensor and integrated chip, precise temperature measurement;
6.Dual mode:

1)Temperature mode: 30 ℃ ~ 42 ℃;

2)Object temperature measurement mode: it can measure the temperature range of 0 ℃ ~ 99 ℃, with an error of ± 0.2 ℃;

7.Red and blue warning light:turn on the warning light with one key, and switch between three states at will: normally on, stroboscopic, interactive flashing. When the temperature is normal, the blue light will be on. When the temperature is higher than 37.3 ℃, the red light will be on and flashing continuously;
8.Lighting lamp:one key to turn on the lighting lamp, two LED high brightness white lights, high beam lighting, strong penetration;
9.Window breaker:in case of emergency, press the cover opening button at the bottom of the handle to open the window breaker, and the tungsten steel head can break the window forcefully;
10.Strong magnet suction cup:a strong magnet is attached at the end of the handle, which can be fastened on the vehicle, desktop, fence, road signs, etc;
11.High pitched whistle:long press / short press to turn on the buzzer, send out the alarm tone, and give a long-distance alarm;
12.LCD display (1.3 inch):

1) Time display: prompt the accurate time, which can be calibrated at any time;

2) Temperature display: display CPU temperature in real time, protect mainboard and chip, avoid hardware damage;

3) Electric quantity display: display the remaining electric quantity, convenient to view at any time;

4) Body temperature display: digital display of temperature number, when the temperature exceeds the standard, the screen number turns red, and flashes alarm;

5) Function display: screen display button function, easy to operate, ensure the correct use of light and test;

14.Energy saving mode:no operation and automatic shutdown in 5 minutes under test state, and no automatic shutdown when light is on;
15.Customization:the light color of the baton can be customized, including red and blue, red, orange, fluorescent green, etc.